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phone systems for legal services

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Communications in the legal services. What are the challenges. What are the solutions?

Technology is leading the way. We live in an age of Zoom and Skype, of iPhones, Androids and digitization. In the early days of the Internet, it seemed impossible to predict how integrated the Internet would become in our lives. As well as the challenges these phone systems would present for legal services.

Phone systems for legal services to communicate simply and safely, especially in these unprecedented times, are essential.

Data can be vulnerable to cyber-crime and hacking. This is especially a challenge to the legal services when dealing in delicate matters. People’s lives can be irrevocably ruined by poor General Data Protection. Even greater challenges are presented with Internet based communication and the obligations of Voice over Internet Protocol.

We have lived through a revolution as remarkable as the industrial revolution, and with the Covid-19 pandemic, the impact of the digital revolution and an increase in remote working is more pronounced than ever. The way we work is changing. We work at home, there is less dependence on the office and a greater emphasis on communication through the Internet. The use of Zoom, Skype and other such apps, presents particular challenges to legal services.

For all it’s advantages, with such a rapid change of pace it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the challenges presented by new technology. This is why it is so important to find out the best communications and phone systems for legal services. So you can ensure the new software and hardware devices will be well suited to your needs.

Without a fully modern, integrated communications system in place your business could suffer. Poor data protection, a lack of voice over Internet protocol and even basic things, such as a lack of auto call attendant, can spell disaster.

It is almost inevitable that sooner or later, whether it be in business disputes, divorces, probate, either personally or professionally, we’ll need the support of legal services. How can you ensure that your practice can deliver for your customers when they need you in an efficient and secure way complying with the Voice over Internet Protocol?

What are the best communications phone systems for legal services and solicitors?

These are unprecedented times. Not just the digital revolution but the onset of Covid and the increase in remote working have revolutionized the workplace. It is vital for any legal practice to have a sound communication system. One that protects and secures data, as well as being fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulations and the Financial Services Authority.

What does a sound phone system for legal services look like?

Fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulations

The seven principles of GDPR are Lawfulness, Fairness and Transparency, Purpose limitation, Data Minimisation, Accuracy, Storage limitation, Integrity and Confidentiality (security) and Accountability. Failure to protect data can be ruinous, especially in legal service when failure to protect data can ruin cases, careers and lives. Choosing one of the best phone systems for legal services will help assure these data issues do not occur.

Encrypted calls and messages

The greater the reliance on communication technologies the great risk of cyber-crime and hacking. Encrypted calls and messages ensure that any electronic communication is protected from malicious interests.

Case management and software integration

Case management for legal services automates the daily workflow for legal services, typically viewing tasks, tracking billable times and calendaring.

Auto attendant facility

(Press 1 for Criminal cases, etc.) For effective and efficient call triaging.

Fully compliant with the Financial Services Authority, (FSA)

The FSA four statutory objectives are; Financial Stability which maintains confidence in the UK fiscal markets, maintaining Market Confidence, Consumer protection and reduction on financial crime, ie; money laundering.


Keeping records becomes increasingly difficult when demand rises. When communication is as ephemeral as Internet or phone calls, it’s easy to forget who owes what, and when payment is due. With a dedicated communications system, logging all calls, be they over the Internet or telecoms and with all data uploaded to the Cloud it is easy to keep track of what is owed and when payment is due.

Call queuing, logging and reporting

If you’re experiencing a high rate of custom call queueing and logging is essential. Without a good system, keeping customers informed where they are, if there is a queue, they may well give up. With logging and reporting, it’s possible to manage the rate of interest in your legal practice, and identify peak call times.

On hold marketing music

The music used when on hold has the capacity to irritate customers, so the choice of music must be sensitively made.

Automatic open and close times

Work never stops, even if the practice is closed. With an automated system the phones lines can automatically open and begin working for you, even if the office is empty.

Voicemail-to-e-mail integration

A voicemail may contain vital information, or maybe liable to being deleted or lost. With voicemail to e-mail integration all messages are digitized and uploaded to a cloud, where they remain secure and safe.

Receptionist console, ie; drag and drop calls

Cutting edge software that better helps your receptionist to manage calls, quickly, conveniently and easily.

Mobile Client, phone based apps

Your clients can access legal services, quickly and conveniently via mobile apps.

Hot desking

By having all relevant details digitised your employees can access all relevant information, whenever they need to, be they at home or sharing their desks with colleagues on a rotating basis.


More than ever we are reliant on remote communication, be it audio, video, computer or teleconferencing. When delicate details associated with legal services are involved a secure source of communications is essential.

Why choose the Complete Communication Company for your phone systems for legal services?

The Complete Communication Company have been providing communications services since 2000 for many businesses, particularly phone systems for legal services. Using the latest cloud technology it completely integrates all data and services, as well as providing a dedicated support system for maintenance and support. The Complete Communication Company is the go-to company for integrated, efficient and secure communications.

You can rest assured that all calls are encrypted, all data is protected, that case management is fully integrated with easy to use software, fully compliant with F.S.A. standards and voicemail integration. It offers peace of mind in providing full on-line security and data encryption and being fully GDPR compliant.

The Complete Communication Company provides cutting edge technology and provides numerous business solutions for legal services. Even small details like on-hold music are provided for. As well as Hosted Telephone Systems, Auto Attendant, Billing for all transactions, Voicemail Integration, and a secure cloud system that ensures that all employees have easy access to the relevant information; all of these are vital services for the legal profession, especially where data must be fiercely protected as a breach of data can be the difference between failure and success.

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