Future-Proof Your Business With VoIP

future-proof your business with VoIP

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Discover how to future-proof your business with VoIP

The last few years has seen the use of VoIP services sky rocket, in both personal and business use. ISDN technology was revolutionary when it first came into use. However, in today’s digital world, copper lines have become outdated. New cloud based technologies are offering more advantages compared to traditional PBX systems.

Following the shift in communication behaviour, these traditional phone lines will be switched off in 2025. With the phasing out of ISDN technology, businesses will need to move to hosted communications solutions. A Hosted, Cloud or VoIP solution simply means that your voice data is delivered via the Internet, instead of via copper lines. These tools are essential for you to future-proof your business with VoIP.

Why is VoIP better than analog lines?

ISDN lines are not flexible and can hardly be tailored to your business requirements. Changes cannot be quickly implemented, meaning as your business evolves, you are stuck with the same, below par communications system.

Traditional copper lines are often out of your control, leaving you at the mercy of suppliers. This unreliability could cause down time, potentially leading to your customers feeling frustrated.

Our VoIPSure solution gives you more control over your communications experience by supplying all the features your company needs for greater scalability and functionality. As your business grows, you will have all the tools in place to expand your communications with ease.

From simple installation to instant flexible working. Our VoIPSure collaboration tool provides a seamless platform for your business communications. Our cutting-edge technology supports a wide range of advanced features. These tools make it easier and more convenient to communicate with your team and customers.

Accessibility and flexibility

All you need is a WiFi connection and you’re ready to work, wherever you are! VoIPSure gives you the ability to work from any device. This could be a traditional desk phone in the office, your laptop, tablet or smartphone. This flexibility provides the opportunity to create a more personalised workspace.

With the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic, remote working is set to be normality for a while longer. In a recent study, 77% of remote employees said they are more productive when working from home. Suggesting the push for more tailored remote working solutions to increase productivity further.

VoIPSure is adaptable to a range of working situations. Your organisation will have the tools in place to continue business as usual. When using our communications solution, your customers will not feel the effects of remote working. Your team will be able to chat, make calls, share files and more. Working with all the efficiency and presence of being in the office.

Our collaboration tool also provides high definition voice and video calls. Allowing you to chat seamlessly from any location. Conduct your conferences with colleagues, clients and customers easily wherever you are. Be that in the office, on-the-go or working remotely.

Future-proof your business with VoIP as your team grows

VoIPSure gives you more control over your team management. All user’s availability is displayed at all times. Allowing you to see who’s available, who’s on lunch, in a meeting or on call.

As your company grows and gains new employees, there’s no need to change your phone system again. The collaboration tool allows an unlimited number of users. Therefore, new team members can be added and begin using the solution instantly. This is a fantastic feature which helps to future-proof your business with VoIP. You’ll have no uncertainty around your communications when it comes to expansion. Giving you more time to focus on other vital issues.

Easy integration

We understand that making the switch from traditional copper lines to cloud communications can be a worrying thought. That’s why VoIPSure was designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Our innovative system will fit into your day-to-day workflow with ease, for years to come. The easy-to-use interface ensures that your team will be able to continue your communications effortlessly with this new cutting edge collaboration tool.

Additionally, VoIPSure has the ability to seamlessly integrate with a range of CRM solutions. Including Microsoft Teams, HubSpot, Salesforce and more. This feature brings together all of the functionality and features of your VoIP phone solution and inserts it into the applications that your business uses on a daily basis. Your business efficiency will be elevated to new heights as our dynamic collaboration tools will enhance the way you use your CRMs.

Which phones are best for small offices to future-proof your business?

Our VoIPSure collaboration platform is most compatible with Yealink hardware. We provide a selection of feature-rich handsets, tailored to your business needs.

For an optimum experience and performance, add the expandable Yealink T53 desk phone to your communications set-up. Built for offices, this desk phone will bring versatility, improving efficiency and productivity.

The second desk phone option is the Yealink T54W. An innovative handset, designed with executives in mind. It supports up to 16 VoIP accounts, has an adjustable 4.3 inch colour LCD display and built-in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

The Yealink W60P is a premium cordless phone. It provides superb mobility and efficient flexibility when pairing with VoIPSure. It’s the ideal solution for any small to medium sized business where employees need to handle calls away from their desks or while moving around the premises.

Why should you switch to VoIPSure?

As ISDN lines are being phased out soon, it’s the perfect time to future-proof your business with a VoIP solution. With a cloud based system, your communications will work for you now, as well as continue to evolve alongside your business.

VoIPSure will remove previous restrictions you may have faced with ISDN lines. Instead the system will provide security and flexibility. A solution your business can rely on and adapt for years to come.

VoIPSure is our innovate collaboration solution built for small, medium and enterprise-level businesses. At The Complete Communication Company, we tailor our telephony solutions to meet businesses’ individual needs. Ensuring you receive all the tools you need to streamline your communication process.

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