Business Connectivity: An Important Investment

business connectivity

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With over 21 years of experience, we provide the connectivity tools to keep your teams and customers connected from anywhere on any device. Let us transform your business, so you can focus on making extraordinary things happen.

Investing in a reliable business connectivity solution is one of the most important business decisions you will make.

A secure, stable and lightning fast Internet connection will provide an increase in productivity, helping you to achieve a high return on investment for your company.

Having an unreliable Internet connection can have many negative impacts on your business connectivity.

If your business relies heavily on Internet-based software, a reliable connection is essential. You want to protect your business from as many issues as possible. With unreliable broadband, you cannot guarantee up time. In the event that you lose connection, a long list of negative impacts is forced upon your business.

CRM platforms, Google Apps, videoconferencing platforms and many more collaboration tools are dependent on an Internet connection. Without that all-important connection, you won’t be able to access the software necessary in your day to day tasks, meaning a decrease in productivity.

Relationships with your customers could potentially be affected due to a lack of communication. With a weak connection, your VoIP telephone calls will be low quality. The possibility that the connection is lost then means calls will be completely unavailable.

If you’re unreachable via telephone, the next best option is to email your customers, or post on social media with an update on the situation. However, neither will be possible when your Internet connection is lost. You’ll leave your customers feeling confused.

Being unreachable by your customers in today’s digital world isn’t an option

When an issue occurs with traditional ASDL lines, the standard repair time is up to 40 hours. If your connection is down for a lengthy amount of time, it can be a devastating blow financially. The potential loss in revenue combined with paying staff wages while they are unable to work is a preventable issue. Don’t fall victim to an unreliable connection!

Reliable software is also essential for your company, as what is the use of super-fast internet if your communication tools are down? Using services such as WhatsApp or Zoom to communicate within your company and to customers is not the most reliable solution, as issues tend to be quite frequent. Our innovative VoIP telephone system is a seamless and reliable solution designed for businesses.

The types of business connectivity we offer

Our communications solution prioritises call quality. We recommend having the most reliable Internet connection for your business so that this quality continues at a high level. The type of broadband needed will depend on the business’s level of dependency on Internet services. Heavily dependent means a stronger and more reliable connection is needed.

Ultimately, the connectivity option you choose should be based on your internet usage, and not the size of your business. To determine what level of business connectivity you need, you will need to measure the number of devices that will be accessing the network. As well as the apps and programs that will be used on a regular basis, and the data/bandwidth they will use.

These factors are likely to depend on your industry. For example, a graphic design company will be sending large files to clients regularly. While a legal practice may be less data reliant when sharing smaller files in the office.

To future proof your business, you may want to consider some extra data to be prepared for growth. That way you won’t have to upgrade your business broadband every few years as your company’s Internet usage increases.

Use the table below to understand what is accessible on different Internet download speeds.

Max Internet SpeedNumber of Users/DevicesWhat you can do
5 Mbps1 – 2Online browsing. Research. Email.
25 Mbps3 – 5Large file downloading. Basic Wi-Fi. Simple business communication.
75 Mbps5 – 10Video streaming. File sharing. Numerous POS transactions.
500 Mbps20 – 30Cloud-based computing. Heavy online backups.
1000 Mbps30+Lightning fast operating with close to zero interruptions.

The standard broadband is an ADSL copper line. This solution is ideal for businesses who do not rely heavily on an internet connection.

Fibre broadband solutions are more suited for businesses who regularly rely on uploading and downloading large files. Essential use of cloud-based applications and transferring vast amount of data requires a form of Ethernet broadband.

Please see the table below for a more in depth look at each connectivity option.

Connectivity MethodMax Speed – DownloadMax Speed – UploadProsCons
ADSL 2+20 Mbps1 Mbps• Cost effective
• Contention Ratio = We guarantee max CR 20:1 for business use, could risk having a Consumer CR with competitors
• Slow upload.
• Max 10 calls (each call requires approx. 0.1 MB)
• SLA up to 40 hrs best endeavors
• 100% Copper wiring = Unreliable internet access
• Still Contended with a ratio of 20:1 for business use
FTTC80 Mbps20 Mbps• Faster than ADSL as using partial fibre transmission instead of all copper – Light travels faster than Sound.
• Bigger Bandwidth than ADSL
• Widespread availability
• Contention Ratio – We guarantee max CR 20:1 for business use, could risk having a Consumer CR with competitors
• Copper wired from cabinet to premises – signal decreases over long distances.
• Copper = unreliable material
• Still need an Analogue Line
• Perceived to be expensive (However balanced against risk to the business of not using fibre, cost is outweighed)
• SLA up to 40 hrs best endeavors
• Still Contended with a ratio of 20:1 for business use
FTTP1000 Mbps220 Mbps• No Copper, connection straight from source – less risk of disruption
• Bigger Bandwidth than FTTC
• Faster than FTTC – Light travels faster than Sound.
• Don’t need an Analogue Line
• Contention Ratio = We guarantee max CR 20:1 for business use, could risk having a Consumer CR with competitors
• Increased cost as have to pay for the FTTP line to be installed.
• Not available to be installed everywhere
• Limited spaces to have this in each geographical location
• SLA up to 40 hrs best endeavors
• Still Contended with a Contention Ratio of 20:1 for business use
Leased Line10-1000 Mbps. Dependent on the size of the bearer10-1000 Mbps. Dependent on the size of the bearer• No Contention Ratio – The line is all yours
• Direct 100 Fibre Line = better connection & security
• SLA is up to 4 hrs
• Symmetrical Bandwidth
• Futureproof with scaling your business
• Can offer up to 10GB connections
• Costs significantly more! (If ECC’s are incurred, there is a cancellation policy)
• Wait times of installation / permission being granted (ADSL & FTTC can be installed as a temp measure)
Mobile 3G/4G/5GDependent on areaDependent on area• No cabling required
• Portable – work from home ready
• Relatively low cost
• Data widely available geographically
• Please be aware of the Data caps

The value of investing in reliable broadband for your business

Super-fast and reliable connectivity will increase your productivity levels. Following on from that, your business efficiency will improve as tasks will be completed quicker without slow Internet connections causing any lag or delays.

The investment in a reliable broadband connection means that down times are minimised, compared to traditional ADSL. It’s always best to be prepared for any potential issues that may arise. This is possible with our business-class support plans. For example, leased lines come with Service Level Agreements of up to 4 hours. Meaning we’ll provide the dedicated support you need, and fast. Depending on your business needs, we have four different levels of care available.

Openreach standard repair times are as follows. They are dependent on the line type and the service level selected, as well as engineer resource, fault location and access.

Care LevelService Provided
Level 1
(Standard for PSTN Basic)
Clear by 23.59 the day after next, Monday to Friday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays
Level 2
(Standard for PSTN Premium, ISDN2e, ISDN30e)
Clear by 23.59 the next day, Monday to Friday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays
Level 3
(Additional charges)
Report by 13:00, clear by 23.59 the same day. Report after 13:00, clear by 12.59 the next day, seven days a week, including Public and Bank Holidays
Level 4
(Additional charges)
Clear within six hours, any time of the day, any day of the year

Ensure that you select the right level of care for your business needs. If your Internet connection is vital to running your business, we recommend that you upgrade to a higher care level.

If you work weekends, we recommend Level 3 care as a minimum. In business-critical environments, we suggest installing a back-up PSTN line, with a second broadband service to provide resilience.

A strong and reliable connection is more cost effective than traditional lines in the long run. We understand the importance of great value for money, which is why we will help your business find the right broadband plan for you.

Why choose the Complete Communications Company for your business connectivity?

At the Complete Communications Company, we have been providing communication services to a range of business sectors since 2005. We specialise in business connectivity and offer bespoke solutions tailored to your company needs.

You will receive all of the support you need! From our support and maintenance team, to a dedicated account manager on hand to help with any queries you may have. As your business grows, we will continue to help you to find the best solution for you.

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